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Wee Go Smart E-bikes
6 yeas’ guarantee
3 years’ battery warranty
factory direct prices
engineered in Germany
designed in Netherlands
service at home

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We are manufacturer,not a wholesaler or dealer,so
we can give you great offers such as….

WEE go easy!

Super range+ Big  “horsepower”

Biggest capacity (630WH , 17.5AH),
specail highest output cells from Panasonic!

WEE go smart safety!

Engineered in Germany

Mechanically and electronically

Designed concept from WEE

German Engineers

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High level luxury versatile ebikes:

WEE unique,high level ebikes has extra powerful and silent engine/motor(90Nm matching sine wave controllers at 630Wh(17.5Ah) reaching the biggest rage and longest life in ebike section.A luxury ebike with the highest level of quality components giving maxium performance and reliability.

WEE go smart with numbers

3 years’ battery warranty
5 fashionable ebikes to choose
7 Shimano Nexus gears
8 Nuvinci automatic gears
9 D-core computer programmed assist levels
lifetime warranty

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